BTAIb14 – coupon bonds KZP05Y07C112 (KZ2C00000859) of JSC"Investment Astana Group"

These securities have been delisted from trading lists 04/03/14

Last coupon rate, % APR: 5.900
Days to maturity: bond circulation expired
Circulation period: 04/03/07 – 04/03/14
Date/Period Bid Offer Last W-aver High Low Trades Bonds m. KZT th. USD
10/24/17 0 0 0.00
10/23/17 0 0 0.00
From 06/08/07 87.5983 89.8053 106.2483 16.2266 54 208,459,000 19,256.8152,761.9

all 3 y. 1 y. 6 mon. 3 mon. 2 mon. 1 mon. 1 week From date   back:


Trading codeBTAIb14
System of quotationclean price
Unit of quotationnominal value percentage fraction
Quotation currencyKZT
Quotation accuracy4 characters
Trade lists admission date04/03/07
Trade opening datetrades unopened
Trade lists exclusion date04/03/14
Bond's namesecured coupon bonds
Last coupon rate, % APR5.900
Currency of issue and serviceKZT
Nominal value in issue's currency100
Number of registered bonds100,000,000
Issue volume, KZT10,000,000,000
Number of bonds outstanding8,053,400
Issue's number in state registerС11-5
Issue registration date02/23/07
Program's number in state registerС11
Program registration date06/02/06
Currency of program registrationKZT
Program's volume, KZT50,000,000,000
Coupon rate typeindexed by inflation
Minimal possible rate value, % APR3.000
Maximal possible rate value, % APR8.500
Fixed margin, % APR0.100
Settlement basis (days in month / days in year)30 / 360
Date of circulation start04/03/07
Circulation term, years7
Date of the previous coupon payment04/03/14
Number of days till nearest coupon payment-1300
Registry fixation date of the nearest coupon payment04/02/14
Period of the next coupon payment04/03/14 – 04/10/14
Coupon payment scheduleview schedule
Register fixation date at maturity04/02/14
Principal repayment period04/03/14 – 04/10/14
Collateral descriptionbonds are secured by a pledge of the right of claim on mortgage loan agreements (including mortgage certificate pledge), which can be accepted to secure loans according to requirements of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, and the money of issuer. The list pledged property, included to the pledge composition, is listed in the pledge register, kept by the issuer.
Bondholders’ representativeBank TuranAlem JSC (Almaty)
Pledge auditorNAC Centeraudit-Kazakhstan LLP (Almaty)
Name of issuer's financial cinsultantBTA Securities JSC (Almaty)
RegistrarSingle registrar of securities JSC (Almaty)

This issuer's securities are not listed on the exchange now

BTAIb14 bonds emitter information

Short nameJSC"Investment Astana Group"
Contacts85A, Dostyk ave., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, 050051
(727) 250 20 20, 295 24 74
Primary activitycarrying out works and rendering services to companies, organizations and population concerned with mortgage financing of purchase, construction and repair of real estate, loan operations, consulting services