KASE Index: 867.51 0.78 %


Date/Period Open High Low Last m. KZT* th. USD*
07/29/15 (16:58) 860.79 868.14 858.77 867.51 142.2 758.8
07/28/15 864.44 865.82 859.77 860.79 215.7 1,151.9
Last 52 weeks 1,314.82 759.55
* volume of deals on share included into the KASE Index representative list

Changing of shares prices included into the KASE Index representative list

Issuer Code Price Trend Portion
Bank CenterCredit JSC CCBN 168.48 3.36 4.1
KAZ Minerals PLC GB_KZMS 525.00 3.03 11.1
Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC HSBK 38.00 2.56 16.2
Kcell JSC KCEL 1,455.86 3.25 14.6
Joint-stock company Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC) KEGC 525.00 3.67 7.7
Kazkommertsbank JSC KKGB 265.00 0 4.1
Kazakhtelecom JSC KZTK 12,200.00 1.67 17.0
KazTransOil JSC KZTO 805.50 1.32 14.2
KazMunaiGas EP JSC RDGZ 10,000.00 1.01 11.1
*if at the index calculation day deals were absent, the price of the last deal of the previous efficient for these shares day is used

The KASE Index representative list as of 07/29/15

Issuer Code Shares Fi Ri
Bank CenterCredit JSCCCBN162,456,80026.61.0000000
KAZ Minerals PLCGB_KZMS458,379,03357.30.1424443
Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSCHSBK10,911,155,09026.60.2594563
Kcell JSCKCEL200,000,00025.00.3565781
Joint-stock company Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company (KEGOC)KEGC260,000,00010.01.0000000
Kazkommertsbank JSCKKGB797,507,2273.51.0000000
Kazakhtelecom JSCKZTK10,710,20123.01.0000000
KazTransOil JSCKZTO384,635,59910.00.8102620
KazMunaiGas EP JSCRDGZ67,693,07536.30.0799945

KASE Index is the ratio of included into the representative list shares market prices at the list development date to this list shares prices at a certain date, weighted on capitalization considering free floating shares.

KASE Index value is recalculated after each deal concluded on shares, included into the index representative list.

Coefficient Fi - free floating shares ratio.
Coefficient Ri - a coefficient limiting influence of shares prices parameters on the index value up to 15 %.
Trend, % reflects changing of the share price relative to the previous trading day closing price.

The detailed methodology of KASE Index calculation is described here.

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