KazPrime indicator

Date 05/26/17
Deposit KazPrime-3M
Currency KZT
Term 3 months
Rate, % per annum 12.00
Trend 0

Quotations of Participants

Bank Bid Offer
Bank CenterCredit JSC10.0012.00
ATFBank JSC10.0012.00
Kazkommertsbank JSC10.0012.00
Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC10.0012.00
Eurasian Bank JSC10.0012.00

KazPrime indicator shows average rate of offering of money on the Kazakhstan inter-bank deposit market. The indicator is calculated by KASE daily before 12:00 ALT on the basis of quotes submitted from 10:00 a.m. through 11:30 a.m. ALT to the KASE trading system by members of the KazPrime indicator construction agreement. Trend shows a difference between the current value and that of the previous trading day.

The minimum quotation volume is KZT150 m. If corresponding orders of other members of the Agreement are available, members of the Agreement must conclude deals in accordance with the quotations parameters announced thereby within 30 minutes after the KazPrime indicator is fixed.

Current members of the KazPrime agreement are Bank CenterCredit JSC, ATFBank JSC, Kazkommertsbank JSC, Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, Eurasian Bank JSC.

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