Project "Mining and Oil & Gas" or "MOG"

KASE plans to establish special sector in the KASE official list for securities of the subsoil use companies (Mining and Oil & Gas or MOG Sector) effective 1 January 2016.

Establishment of the MOG Sector means introduction of specialized listing requirements for the subsoil use companies and their securities, that would take into account specifics of Kazakhstan subsoil users activities When developing MOG Sector KASE is taking into account best practices of international financial centers and countries with the rich resource base, namely of Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, and South Africa. KASE is planning to divide MOG Sector by subsectors for mining and oil & gas companies where each subsector will be further divided by groups for exploration and development/production companies.

Please note that establishment of MOG Sector is in compliance with the goals of Kazakhstan economic development, namely with 100 strategic steps of the President of Kazakhstan (steps 70 and 74), with the Plan of joint activities of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan on establishment of International Financial Center Astana (that includes step on establishment of the subsoil use companies sector by KASE), Concept of the Kazakhstan Code on Subsoil use and Subsoil users, as well as Concept of Kazakhstan financial market development by 2030.

Project MOG key dates:

How to participate

Please address all questions and suggestions from all stakeholders (subsoil use companies, Ministries, experts, international development organizations, consultants, investors, financial market participants and any other stakeholders) to the project manager as per contact details below.

Project Manager – Miras Moldabayev (Head of Project Management office)
8 (727) 237 5340

Main materials

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PONEN RK Professional Association of Independent Subsoil Experts of the Republic of Kazakhstan (is planned to be established in 2015-2016 and to be become member of CRIRSCO (Committee for mineral reserves International reporting standards))
QP/CP Qualified/Competent person