EKGSb1 – coupon bonds KZ2P0Y05D650 (KZ2P00001373) of Ekibastusz GRES-1 LLP

These securities have been delisted from trading lists 12/30/14

Last coupon rate, % APR: 12.000
Days to maturity: bond circulation expired
Circulation period: 12/30/09 – 12/30/14
Date/Period Bid Offer Last W-aver High Low Trades Bonds m. KZT th. USD
11/18/17 0 0 0.00
11/16/17 0 0 0.00
From 02/01/10 103.8920 109.9496 115.4284 101.4400 37 399,391 4,507.830,595.7

all 3 y. 1 y. 6 mon. 3 mon. 2 mon. 1 mon. 1 week From date   back:


Trading codeEKGSb1
System of quotationclean price
Unit of quotationnominal value percentage fraction
Quotation currencyKZT
Quotation accuracy4 characters
Trade lists admission date12/30/09
Trade opening datetrades unopened
Trade lists exclusion date12/30/14
Bond's namecoupon bonds
Last coupon rate, % APR12.000
Currency of issue and serviceKZT
Nominal value in issue's currency10,000
Number of registered bonds1,000,000
Issue volume, KZT10,000,000,000
Number of bonds outstanding1,000,000
Issue's number in state registerD65
Issue registration date12/02/09
Coupon rate typefixed
Settlement basis (days in month / days in year)30 / 360
Date of circulation start12/30/09
Circulation term, years5
Date of the previous coupon payment12/30/14
Number of days till nearest coupon payment-1054
Registry fixation date of the nearest coupon payment12/29/14
Period of the next coupon payment12/30/14 – 01/16/15
Coupon payment scheduleview schedule
Register fixation date at maturity12/29/14
Principal repayment period12/30/14 – 02/13/14
Underwriter or emission consortiumBCC Invest JSC, Halyk Finance JSC
RegistrarSingle registrar of securities JSC (Almaty)

This issuer's securities are not listed on the exchange now

EKGSb1 bonds emitter information

Short nameEkibastusz GRES-1 LLP
ContactsEkibastusz, Pavlodar region, 141200, Kazakhstan
(7187) 29 83 59, 29 81 25
Primary activityproduction of power, steam and hot water