NTK182_1346 – discount notes KZW1KM063462 of The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan

These securities have been delisted from trading lists 10/19/12

Days to maturity: bond circulation expired
Circulation period: 04/20/12 – 10/19/12
Date/Period Bid Offer Last W-aver High Low Trades Bonds m. KZT th. USD
09/23/17 0 0 0.00
09/21/17 0 0 0.00
From 04/20/12 99.5702 99.5702 99.5702 99.5702 1 5,000,000 497.93,334.3

all 3 y. 1 y. 6 mon. 3 mon. 2 mon. 1 mon. 1 week From date   back:


Trading codeNTK182_1346
List of securitiesofficial
System of quotationprice
Unit of quotationnominal value percentage fraction
Quotation currencyKZT
Quotation accuracy4 characters
Trade lists admission date04/20/12
Trade opening datetrades unopened
Trade lists exclusion date10/19/12
Bond's nameshort-term notes of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Currency of issue and serviceKZT
Nominal value in issue's currency100.00
Number of registered bonds136,431,000
Number of bonds outstanding136,431,000
Issue volume, KZT13,643,100,000
Settlement basis (days in month / days in year)actual / 365
Date of circulation start04/20/12
Circulation term, month6
Register fixation date at maturity10/18/12
Principal repayment date10/19/12
Paying agentCentral securities depository JSC (Almaty)
RegistrarCentral securities depository JSC (Almaty)

Instruments of SI National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan included into trade lists

Trade code NIN or ISIN Board Sector Category Trades Index
NTK007_2048KZW1KD070483government securities 09/19/17
NTK007_2049KZW1KD070491government securities 09/20/17
NTK007_2050KZW1KD070509government securities 09/21/17
NTK007_2052KZW1KD070525government securities 09/22/17
NTK007_2053KZW1KD070533government securities no trade
NTK027_2033KZW1KD270331government securities 09/04/17
NTK028_2037KZW1KD280371government securities 09/07/17
NTK028_2044KZW1KD280447government securities 09/14/17
NTK028_2051KZW1KD280512government securities 09/21/17
NTK091_1994KZW1KD919945government securities 07/24/17
NTK091_2022KZW1KD910225government securities 08/21/17
NTK091_2047KZW1KD910472government securities 09/18/17
NTK182_1892KZW1KM068925government securities 04/03/17
NTK182_1919KZW1KM069196government securities 05/02/17
NTK182_1943KZW1KM069436government securities 05/29/17
NTK182_1976KZW1KM069766government securities 07/01/17
NTK182_2002KZW1KM060021government securities 07/31/17
NTK182_2029KZW1KM060294government securities 08/28/17
NTK364_1733KZW1KY017333government securities 10/10/16
NTK364_1766KZW1KY017663government securities 11/14/16
NTK364_1792KZW1KY017929government securities 12/12/16
NTK364_1815KZW1KY018158government securities 01/09/17
NTK364_1848KZW1KY018489government securities 02/13/17
NTK364_1874KZW1KY018745government securities 03/13/17
NTK364_1899KZW1KY018992government securities 04/10/17
NTK364_1929KZW1KY019297government securities 05/15/17
NTK364_1956KZW1KY019560government securities 06/12/17
NTK364_1995KZW1KY019958government securities 07/24/17
NTK364_2015KZW1KY010155government securities 08/14/17
NTK364_2040KZW1KY010403government securities 09/11/17

NTK182_1346 bonds emitter information

Short nameSI National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Contacts21, Koktem-3 microdistrict, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, 050040
(727) 270 45 91
Primary activityin the according with Law of Republic of Kazakhstan "About National Bank" by March, 30, 1995 № 2155

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