SHUK – сommon shares KZ1C49620012 (KZ1C00000124) of Shubarkol Komir JSC

These securities have been delisted from trading lists 12/04/12

Date/Period Bid Offer Last W-aver High Low Trade Shares m. KZT th. USD
11/18/17 0 0.00
11/16/17 0 0.00
Last 52 weeks 33,576.40 33,576.46 34,500.00 33,576.40 3 2,638,277 88,584.0600,569.4

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of the instrument
Trading codeSHUK
Quotation currencyKZT
Quotation accuracy2 characters
Settlements schemeT+0
Listing date11/09/09
Trades opening datetrades unopened
Delisting date12/04/12
of the securities
IssuerShubarkol Komir JSC
Share typeordinary
Issue registration date05/03/06
RegistrarKompaniya Registrator JSC (Almaty)
Dividendsистория выплат
Number of shares outstanding3,517,772
Issue currencyKZT
Face value1,000.00
Dividend payment periodannual

This issuer's securities are not listed on the exchange now

SHUK emitter information

Short nameShubarkol Komir JSC
Contacts18, Asfaltnaya str., Karaganda, 100004, Republic of Kazakhstan
(7212) 44 07 44
Primary activitycoal mining and treatment, construction rock mining

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